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Technical Illustrator Resume

It sounds a difficult and complicated job title but in reality, technical illustrators can be found in every business and organization. You are used to see these employees in every company but you don’t know their job title as it’s discussed here. We will try to explain it in very simple words here. Suppose a company is producing electric appliances i.e. television or LCDs. When a LCD model is manufactured in the production department, it’s passed by the technical staff in the company and after that it’s time to demonstrate the characteristics of the product in front of the directors, CEOs and stake holders in the company.

That part isn’t done by any manager or supervisor but it’s done by the technical illustrator who illustrates the product and its features to the meeting participants. In other forms, you can find these employees in software house companies where they demonstrate the software programs in front of the clients prepared by their employed company.

Salary of a Technical Illustrator:

Usually the salary of a technical illustrator depends on the company he is employed in and also the location of the company too. We can find these employees in all American and European countries but in Asian countries like Pakistan and India, there is no concept of such an employee in the company. There are some companies that hire these illustrators on fixed monthly salaries but most of the time; they are hired on hourly basis. In hourly basis, they earn around $15 per hour and in monthly salary, they earn around $50000 per year.

Here are the Elements you need to add in Technical Illustrator Resume:

  • Create different sections for various kinds of information in your resume.
  • Start the resume with the first section and that would be information section.
  •  In this section you put your name and basic personal information and contact details.
  • After that you can either write an objective or create a summary of your previous careers and jobs.
  •  The second option is recommended because it’s unique and interesting to read.
  • Here you write all the previous jobs you had that are related to project management or assistance.
  •  Start with the most recent job and go back in time up to the first job you had. Put job title, company name and duration of employment for each job.
  • In the education section, you provide your educational information. Here you also start with the most recent or professional degree and go up to graduation.
  • Always make sure that you create a new resume for each job you are applying for. It is never a good idea to send an old or outdated resume for more than one job.

Things not to add in the Resume:

  • Always stay clear and to the point in every section and don’t put anything useless or irrelevant.
  • No matter how important was it; don’t discuss an experience if it’s not related.
  • Stick to a simple, short and elegant template.
  • Don’t put anything too much personal like hobbies or favorite writer.
  • Don’t forget to proofread the resume once or better do it twice just to be surer.

There is no need to mention an expected salary figure but save it for later.

Sample Technical Illustrator Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Technical Illustrator Resume created using MS Word,

Technical Illustrator Resume

Here is download link for this Technical Illustrator Resume,

Download Technical Illustrator Resume

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