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Technical Recruiter Resume

If you know the working of companies and organizations, you understand that it’s very different from the working of manufacturing units or factories of the companies. In the manufacturing units, usually those employees work who aren’t that educated but they are well qualified in the technical skills. This explains that a person or recruiter who hires managers and department heads can’t hire a technical staff member because to do so, he needs to have the technical knowledge in order to understand the abilities of applicants. This is why companies work with technical recruiters who are specialized in the technical skills and they know the technical needs of a company better.

This explains that the key responsibility of a technical recruiter is to hire technical staff for manual work. It can be anything and for any company from an automobile company to a garments factory to a frozen food unit. Technical recruiter usually have all the necessary knowledge of the department he is hiring staff for and that helps a lot in order to find and hire the right candidates among hundreds of applicants. There is another thing that is important to discuss that these recruiters aren’t that educated either but they have only the technical knowledge and experience for the hiring process.

Salary of a Technical Recruiter:

Technical recruiters are very important in companies especially in manufacturing units so that explains that these employees also get very good salary packages. It’s not possible to talk about the exact salary figure of a technical recruiter as it depends on the location and size of the company but usually in America, a technical recruiter gets $80000 per year in the starting of his career and in Europe and Canada, this figure goes up to $120000 per year. Sometimes these recruiters are also hired on hourly basis but that’s very rare and usually doesn’t happen that often either.                          

Here are the guidelines to create a Technical Recruiter Resume:

  • Put your name and contact details at the top and make the heading bold.
  • Write an objective of your own and don’t send out a resume with outdated information.
  • Write about your studies and start with the most recent degree.
  • Here you can also talk about the extra skills and certificate you have which will help you to understand an employee and help him overcome his disabilities and weaknesses.
  • Start with the most recent job and talk about your work experience.
  • Instead of previous job duties, discuss your achievements and the awards you have won.
  • Don’t overestimate yourself and try to find tiny mistake in the resume inside the dense paragraphs.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Never send the resume without reading it at least twice.
  • It’s never a good idea to send the same resume for more than one job. That’s why always prepare a new resume for each job.
  • Never use font size bigger than 11pts in resume but you can make the heading and subheadings bold.
  • Never talk about the references in the first place unless you are asked to.

Sample Technical Recruiter Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Technical Recruiter Resume created using MS Word,

Technical Recruiter Resume

Here is download link for this Technical Recruiter Resume,

Download Technical Recruiter Resume

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