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Technical Writer Resume

It is very easy to explain what a technical writer does as it is like the most common and easily understandable job in all careers. We can find these writers in almost every company and organization either it’s related to technical manufacturing or not. The key job of a technical writer is to write and prepare technical documents for the employer and his clients. It can be related to anything from a non-profit health organization to an automobile spare parts manufacturing company. When a client hires a company for purchasing products or services, it’s the key responsibility of technical writer to prepare all the documents and help the clients to figure out each document.

Salary of a Technical Writer:

This is a very basic job in all careers and companies and most of the time, it doesn’t require a very educated and skilled person to perform the duties of this job. This is the reason that mostly retired and old people do this job or you can also find students performing the job of technical writer as they can make good money out of it for their education related expenses. Usually these writers are hired on hourly basis where they earn around $10 per hour and when a company hires the writer on monthly fixed salary, it’s around $50000 per year.

Here are the Elements you need to add in Technical Writer Resume:

  • Put your name and contact information such as phone number or email address at the top of the resume so it will be easy to find.
  • Now put an objective on your resume so create a sentence or two that demonstrate your consideration for the job and prove that you are willing to get this job and not just sending out resumes to random companies.
  • Always make sure that you include your employment and education history in different sections and it will be a lot better if you first discuss your employment history and then put information about your education accomplishments.
  • After that you discuss your previous jobs and work experiences. Start with the most recent job and then go backward up to your first job. Use bullets points for each job and write your job title, company’s name and during of that job.
  • Discuss the knowledge you have about any writing software because writers are also required to have a good understanding of computer programs.

Things not to add in the resume:

  • Don’t assume anything by your own about the job and be careful while composing the resume.
  • Send out the resume as soon you hear about the opening because with every minute you waste, lesser the chances of you getting the job.
  • Don’t send out the resume without proofreading it because small mistakes can ruin your first impression.
  • Don’t ever lie in your resume even if you don’t think you will get the job with the experience you have.
  • Never add any references in the first place unless you are asked to by the employer.

Sample Technical Writer Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Technical Writer Resume created using MS Word,

Technical Writer Resume

Here is download link for this Technical Writer Resume,

Download Technical Writer Resume

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