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Traffic Officer Resume

A traffic officer is the person in uniform that you see around every corner and on every street. Although there are electronic traffic signals in every city but sometimes when these signals don’t work properly or if there is an accident on the road, it is the duty of the traffic officer to inform the drivers about the incident and ask them to go through an alternate route or stop until the rescue team clears the road.

Job Responsibilities of a Traffic Officer:

  • Coordinating with the emergency service vehicles i.e. ambulance
  • Managing the traffic on the road in order to reduce accidents and traffic jam
  • Dealing with drivers and helping them out in every possible way
  • Coordinating with the drivers and telling them routes or other ways to their destination
  • Stopping the traffic in case of an accident on the road
  • Coordinating with the rescue teams and taking care of the vehicle and passengers after accident
  • Routing the traffic as soon the road is cleared

Salary of a Traffic Officer:

It is so ironic that the traffic officer that route hundreds of cars and other vehicles every day some of which are worth millions, doesn’t get paid very good. Usually these officers are hired on hourly basis where they can earn up to $14 per hour but it’s not very common. Usually traffic department hires these officers on regular salary basis and here they can earn up to $35000 per year. This pay doesn’t seem very good but there are many other benefits come with this salary including insurance, medical, health and retirement plans provided by the government.

Essential skills to include in the Traffic Officer Resume:

  • Good management skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good people skills
  • Being able to keep calm all the time
  • Good team player
  • Good coordination skills
  • Being able to work long hours and under stress
  • Multitasking skills

Useful tips for writing the Traffic Officer Resume:

  • When you talk about your previous jobs and duties, discuss your achievements and accomplishments and the skills you have gained which will help you here at this job. This is better than discussing your job responsibilities and duties.
  • After completing the resume, it’s vital that you proofread it twice or better ask someone else to do it for you. This way you will be able to eliminate the minor grammatical and spellings mistakes.
  • In the experience section, you provide all the job related work history of yours. Start with the most recent job and write job title, name of the department and duration of your employment there.
  • There is no need to provide any personal information like your hobbies or favorite book because no one will care to read that.
  • You should choose an appropriate format of your resume i.e. Word or PDF and style of font. Stick with single fonts and avoid using different colors or fonts for each section.
  • There is no need to add a photo in this resume because it’s not about acting.

Sample Traffic Officer Resume:

Here is preview of a free Sample Traffic Officer Resume created using MS Word,

Traffic Officer Resume

Here is download link for this Traffic Officer Resume,

Download Traffic Officer Resume 

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