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Truck Driver Resume

Commercial truck drivers can seek a job in an organization to deliver goods safely from one place to another. If you have license to drive trucks then you can land for this job with the help of a truck driver resume. Only a truck driver resume can help you to persuade potential employer to call you for interview. Truck driver resume will help potential employer to evaluate your driving skills and previous work history. Your resume should be well written with all important details. Restrict it to one page only because no one has time to read your lengthy life stories. Only a short and compelling resume can help you to get desired results. Your resume should be matched with the requirements of potential employer so that he/she can consider you for this job.

Job Description of Truck Driver

Job description of a truck driver may vary according to the nature and requirements of organization but for your help following are some common job duties and responsibilities:

  • You should have commercial driving license according to the requirements of state.
  • You must have knowledge about the maintenance of multi-rear axle trucks or any other types of truck and have equivalent license including general knowledge of law, regulations and operations.
  • Truck driver is responsible to perform pre-trip inspections of his/her vehicle and be able to explain inspection requirements and needs.
  • Truck driver is responsible to contrive and control vehicle in safe fashion. It includes handling of on-site vehicle and different over the road situations to control speed, different hazards, and lane positioning and road conditions to safely drive truck in night.
  • You have to safely load and unload all equipments over all topography and properly secure all loads. He is responsible to check fuel and lubricant on right time and provide services of the vehicle.

Tips to Write Truck Driver Resume

Truck driver resume is necessary to write effectively and for your help I am sharing some tips to design truck driver resume:

  • You have to organize whole information before designing your resume. You can set some traditional categories to design a perfect resume such as personal information, career objective, work experience, education, training, skills and personal references.
  • Give personal details including your name, email address, telephone number, cell number and residential address. Centralize this information to make it prominent for potential employer.
  • After personal information, you have to write career objectives of 1 to 2 sentences. You have to state the reason for applying this job and what you want to achieve through this job. Write a unique career objective instead of making it generic.
  • Choose from chronological, function or hybrid resume formats according to your skills and experience history. If you have strong working history then writes it in chronological order. Chorological resume focuses on work history, function resume highlights your experience while hybrid will combines the important elements of both formats.
  • If you have any commercial driving qualification of license then explain it in your resume. Any certification like first aid will proves best for your resume. It will help the potential employer to take decision about you.
  • Write previous driving experiences with the name of employer, type of vehicles, job duration and important job duties. Start this section with most recent experience and write only relevant experiences in this section.

Things to Avoid

You have to be careful about the following points while designing truck driver resume:

  • Do not try to include lies in the truck driver resume because you cannot fool potential employer with your creative embellishments.
  • Do not include your photograph in the resume until it is asked by potential employer. It will ruin your all writing efforts and decrease your selection chances.
  • Do not divulge your sensitive details like account number, credit card number, passport numbers etc.

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Truck Driver Resume

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