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Veterinarian Resume

A veterinarian is a trained and licensed doctor who deals with animal and diagnoses their diseases and injuries. Basically there are two types of veterinarians; one who deal with companion animals like dogs, cats and other pets where the second one deals with farm animals like horses, cattle, cows and the zoo animals.  Generally people think that a veterinarian is only responsible for the health of a pet or a farm animal where actually they are also responsible for the health of the people around those animals. Majority of veterinarians run their own animal clinics where some also hire by animal hospitals too.

Job Responsibilities of Veterinarian:

  • The most important the key responsibility of a veterinarian is to detect and diagnose the nature of disease or injury occurred to an animal.
  • Taking care of sick animals and treating them by giving medicines, special therapy sessions, surgeries and wound dressings.
  • Collecting their body tissues and other fluids to examine and diagnose the real problem in each case.
  • Preparing the animals for number of diseases such as rabies and distemper.
  • Briefing the owner of the animal to make sure if all the requirements are fulfilling and the animal is taking its medicine on time.
  • Making sure the owners have enough knowledge to prevent the diseases they can catch from their pets.

Salary of a Veterinarian:

The job responsibilities of a veterinarian differ as there are number of careers in this field. That’s why the salary of a veterinarian also varies and it’s different if one has specialized in a specific field and another one can deal with all kinds of animal diseases. Most of the veterinarians run their private animal clinics and in there, they charge as per each session or the type of disease they are dealing with. It’s not possible to tell exactly what a veterinarian earns because it depends upon the working hours and the number of patients he deals with on daily basis buy generally a common veterinarian earns about $50000 per year in the start of his career and it goes up to $120000 per year after four to five years of experience.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Veterinarian Resume:

  • First of all, you have to decide which type or template you want to go with such as if it will be chronological, reverse chronological or technical.
  • Start the resume with an impressive objective which shows your future plans. You can also use a career summary instead of an objective.
  • Then put your basic and contact information such as name, DOB, phone number and email address.
  • Then it’s time to discuss your previous employment history and starting with the most recent job in veterinarian related field, provide name of each clinic or hospital, employment duration and your position in each company.
  • In education section, provide information about the degrees and courses you have got. Start with the professional degree and provide name of institution, passing year and name of the course.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page because extra information just makes it look boring.
  • Don’t put too much information about your personal life because no one will have time to read all that.
  • If you use to work for a management firm as teenager, it’s good to discuss that in your resume but if you worked in burger king or some other shopping mall, don’t discuss that.
  • Don’t send the resume without proofreading it or you should ask someone else to read it for you.
  • Don’t discuss your references in the first place unless you are asked to. Save it for the interview when they ask, then provide your previous employer’s information.

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Veterinarian Resume

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