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Web Architect Resume

A web architect who is also known as web designer or web developer is a professional who designs and creates websites for a company or for several different clients as freelancer. When a company or a person wants to develop a new website, they contact a development agency who gives the project to one of their web architects or they can also search on internet and hire a freelancer web architect from any part of the world. Key responsibilities of a web architect include meeting with the client, understanding his needs and requirements, creating roughs sketches and pitching different ideas to the client, finalizing an idea and start working on it, handing over the final website to the client and providing support and maintenance services afterwards.

Job Responsibilities of a Web Architect:

  • Meeting with the client and understanding his ideas and imagination about the website
  • Understanding needs and requirements for the website
  • Conducting research on the current market trends around the world and creating a list of options
  • Presenting different options for the website to the client and assisting him to understand features and benefits for each of them
  • Finalizing an option and start working on it
  • Giving estimate reports to the client including estimated budget, time and resources
  • Working with team members and technical staff members and supervising their work activities
  • Finalizing the completed website and handing it over to the client
  • Making changes on the website afterwards if necessary and providing supper and maintenance services

Salary of a Web Architect:

If you understand the field of web architecture and how these architects work, you can understand that most of the time, these professional work freelance with more than one employer and they mostly prefer to get paid per project rather than regular salary. By keeping it in mind, it’s easy to see that the earning of a web architect depends on how many projects he can handle per month. Usually these architects can earn more than $50,000 per year.

Useful Tips for Creating Web Architect Resume:

  • If you are thinking of creating a portfolio, keep in mind that it’s not implacable for the jobs other than modeling, acting or auditioning. Web architecture is a computer based desk job and it is required that you send a resume not a portfolio.
  • When you read the job description, you can find the salary for that position very easily. So it is really important that when you create the resume, you keep the salary figure in mind and design the resume appropriately.
  • Whenever you want to send a resume for a new job, always create new one. This way you can upgrade the resume with new information i.e. new contact address, email and street addresses. This is also important to enlist your recent jobs on the resume too.
  • Always make sure that even if there are many days in the deadline to send the resume, you complete your work early and send the resume as soon as possible.

Sample Web Architect Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Web Architect Resume  created using MS Word,

Web Architect Resume

Here is download link for this Web Architect Resume

Download Web Architect Resume

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